Latin​-​American Elite of Anti​-​NSBM

by Neverchrist

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Re-Record of Latinoamerican Elite of Anti-NSBM, version 2016. Recorded at Gates of Baphomet DIY Studio at January 2016.
All instruments, vocals and productions in this demo by Thiago Perdurabo.

New Line-up:

Thiago Perdurabo: Drums/Vocals
Lazaro Dahmer: Guitars
Raphael C.: Bass


released February 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Neverchrist Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Black Metal/Crust band from Brazil. Themes about Anti-Religious, Anti-NSBM and Anarchy.

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Track Name: Intro: Before the Angels Fall
Track Name: Disgrace of Eternal Darkness
Disgrace of Eternal Darkness

In a dark age
Walking in the vast way of darkness
Shady memories
Invades my mind
Unholy war: the spiritual devastation
Unholy spirits, profane gargoyles
Destroying all hipocrisy
Weak souls lost in darkness
Slaves under the commands of the great infernal imperator
Baal-Zebubh, the great master
commands the infernal troops
And his unholy soldiers
Destroy the big religious mass
Track Name: Corrosive Rivers of Blood
Corrosive Rivers of Blood

Rivers of blood runs iced and corrosives
Meeting the face of bastard Nazarene
Blood as infernal volcanic lavas
Destroying the false Yahve’s empire
I see unholy troops commanded by the great Baal
Infernal gargoyles are around the calvary
The bastard feels in agony
The blow of death
The great prince of darkness
Near observe the great spetacle
Of a humiliated idiot
Killed by your own people
Damned idiot
With a treason by his own
Dies again
On this Earth of agony
Forgotten and humiliated in a cross
Feeling his blood spurt out
And to drain in this river of blood
And waiting for the eternal disgrace
And waiting for the eternal disgrace...
Meeting the face of bastard Nazarene
Blood as infernal volcanic lavas
Rivers of blood!!!
Track Name: Neverchrist

Walking through the night
The winds blow to north
In morbid darkness
In an explosion of hate
My soul search the massacre
The annihilation
Of the bastard christian souls
Poor souls will be devastated
By the Astaroth’s troops
And through the night
The demons cross
By older ways
Ancient gates
The mask of christians fall
In front their hipocrisy
Your lies
Poor souls will be devastated
By the Astaroth’s troops
Cristianity is a lie
Don’t believe at them
You can die
We say forever
Track Name: Antinazi Black Metal
Antinazi Black Metal

Escravos de uma falsa proposta
Bastardos em busca de poder
Perdidos no campo do inimigo
Ainda sem saber
Mutilação, massacre, guerra e morte
Ódio e terror das vítimas desoladas
Brutalidade, mentiras
Destroçando cobaias humanas
Seu profeta lhes impôs a catástrofe
Em nome de seu bastardo ego cristão
E até hoje em dia, hipócritas os seguem
Prisioneiros de uma mente doentia
Bastardos imbecis, estaremos à sua espera
Aos porcos nazis declararemos guerra
Em nossa cena não os vamos aceitar
Destruição e morte a eles iremos propagar
Track Name: Silent Torment
Silent Torment

Inside of me, in my black soul
My spirit enoble himself
I’m a mortal ordered by Moloc
To take hate and melancholy
Possessed by black morbid angels
Sorumbatic creatures torment my soul
And my spirit strenght himself
With the black force of darknessThe god hypocritical and putrid
Was overcome by profane legions
Destroying the hypocrisy of the human minds
Demons inspire me in the evolution of my soul
Inside my soul - war against a god
Demons whispers order
In a silent torment
The armaggedom it’s inside my soul
My black heart fight join the evil
My soul - Try to destroy
The bastard Jesus Christ
Track Name: Tomb of God
Tomb of God

Watching to the tomb of God
I see corpses fallen
Drowned in the rivers of blood
By their own creator
Blood, terror, slaughter, hate
It’s the glory of our lord
Fornication, lust, pleasure
Since the most remote times
Since... the most... remote...
Oh lord Satan
Christ’s Mutilation
The destruction
Was started
And your fear
Is full of power
They all dies
The obscure
Names is spoken
The darkness
Reigns forever
They all dies
The return of the dead
Dead bodies / will reignZombies for all the streets
Eating the / human meat
Black casket full of blood
To spill / a corpse rot
Arms, legs and sexCum in the face of Religious
Track Name: Outro: The Last Pain in a Imaginary World